Modern methods of content uniqueness
Uniqueness of content – the article by the digital agency SEOMAX Content is one of the main components of the site, and search engines particularly check its uniqueness. With the launch of such algorithms as Google, Penguin and Panda, which punish sites with non-unique content, the issue of uniqueness of content becomes more and more

Quality of the SEOMAX service

Quality of the Seomax service
Digital agency SEOMAX is a brand, part of the Internet Media Group company based in Plovdiv. It is specialized in providing various online services in order to build a digital presence of the business. SEOMAX can be represented as “The best friend of the brand”. The goal of SEOMAX is to achieve various business goals

Landing page Creation Policy

Landing Page
A Landing Page is an opportunity for the seller to tell for a few seconds about his products or services, and for the potential customer to realize that they are “right in the target”. • A landing page must fully match search queries. The level of conversions depends directly on the direction of the page,
Article Writing
10 Tips for Writing Articles – SEO Optimization by SEOMAX Today the web is full of any content – diverse and interesting. This article is not just a text – it’s unique content carries useful information about your target audience. That is why writing articles is a skill that is done by a specialist in