It is said that the best advertising is the reference. Section “Clients” is created from us because of two main aims: The first one is to show our future clients the trust and quality of work we are aiming at as professionals and the second one is to thank to our clients about their contact with us. All projects in their references have been about digital marketing, website design and creating online stores, internet advertising and online marketing. This is what our clients say about us:

Modico Bulgaria

With this reference we would like to express our excellent impressions from our collaboration with the team of Digital agency SEOMAX who helped us to represent our business, make our online store and with the SEO optimization of our website.

We choose Digital agency SEOMAX for our partner because of their years of experience and achieved results in today’s IT.

We get on well with the team, they work fast and professional. They made everything we would like about the look of our website. The staff involves experienced professionals who also organize extra trainings which we are thankful about.

The advices we reach and the special attention we get made Digital agency SEOMAX one of the most important partners for us. We plan to give them to optimize other websites for different products and brands.
We would like to express our satisfaction from our partnership and definitely recommend Digital agency SEOMAX as a reliable partner.

Thank you for helping us grow our business faster!


We have been working with SEOMAX Digital Agency for more than 3 years. They designed and built our web pages. We’ve always had high-level collaboration because their professional team values ​​our time, fulfills our requirements, and completes tasks well before the deadlines.

We’d like to pay special attention to the human resources of SEOMAX Digital Agency - they are young, positive and consistent. They do not economize time and effort to please customers, to give helpful advices and recommendations based on solid expertise.

Their goal is to create products far better than expected.
Without reservation we stand behind the statement that SEOMAX Digital Agency is a reliable partner regarding web design and digital marketing. That is why we are convinced that our future joint projects will be even more successful.


With this letter we would like to let you know that we are working together with Digital agency SEOMAX for designing our company website. During our partnership they approved that they can do everything we want fast, correctly and meeting the deadlines.

The employees of Digital agency SEOMAX have professional experience in negotiations. Whenever we need they can make corrections and changes in order to help us. We are really satisfied with their additional consultation during our SEO optimization.

Digital agency SEOMAX is a reliable and secure in Website designing and Digital Marketing that we would like to develop a partnership with.

London Computers Online

We've been working with Digital agency "SEOMAX" since the beginning of 2013 and we are still cooperating on some new projects. They have always showed very professional attitude and have definitely added value to our projects.

The Internet Media Group team are very dedicated, well-intentioned and comprehensive. They created more that 22 online shopping sites and other websites for our market in England.

Thanks to their highly valued recommedations in the field of digital marketing our sales have increased and we continue to be successful. We are pleased with the web service they offer and we would truly advice others to use their services.

Filisa Cars

We work with Digital agency SEOMAX from the beginning of our business. They had а project to design our specific company website and create a marketing plan for developing our brand. The team involves professionals who really helped us to improve our business.

We would recommend Digital agency SEOMAX to all the companies who need a reliable internet marketers and all the services of website development.

Their advantage is that they understood the idea and the aim of our business from the beginning and gave us proposals for future development.

With this reference we would like to express how satisfied we are from Digital agency SEOMAX .
We chose the agency when we needed to improve our website and online marketing.

SEOMAX showed us responsibility and dedication. When we started working together they focused on our business aims. They made the design of our website unique so that the customers can easy find what they are looking for.

Digital agency SEOMAX took the SEO optimization of our website too. The brand showed professionality and made a marketing research in order to create individual strategy for our better positioning in search engines.

During our partnership they approved that they can do everything we want fast, correctly and meeting the deadlines.

The professional competence of the team is really impotant from the beginning of the project to the end.

Stroitel Hall

Stroitel Hall is an emblematic place for a lot of sport talents in Plovdiv. We have a Fitness hall, Basketball hall with 600 sitting places. Our project for website designing was bad experience for us as we met unprofessional programists two times who didn’t finished it.

Digital agency SEOMAX helped us to finish our website and we are really satisfied with the choice of web agency. Lubomir Atanasov and his team worked correctly and they understood the aim of our project. We already have our website and we will keep in touch with the SEOMAX agency for further support.

We received a lot of recommendations how to improve our policy to the newest trends and technologies.
For us as a specialists in this field was really important the agency we are working with to take part, to understand what we want and help us to do it.

We would definitely recommend Digital agency SEOMAX as a reliable partner.

Thank you so much!

Wedding Agency Nina Style

With the current reference the whole team of “Nina Style” would like to express our satisfaction of our partnership with Internet Media Group.

The agency designed our website which include: ideas and website designing, website support and graphic design. We needed to improve the style of website as the technologies are growing fast.

Internet Media Group showed us professionalism from the beginning and gave us ideas for further development of our online business.

With the team of the agency, especially Lubomir Atanasov we had a chance to prove in their professional skills.

Thank you so much!

Training Center IG

We have been in partnership with Digital agency SEOMAX for a long time. During the years we always find the optimal decisions for both of us and everything happened fast, with a little humor and showing friendship to each other.

Our last project was made for 6 months. We created a perfect website and a system of interaction between us and our clients. To be honest, it was not easy and we are really satisfied with the result.

We should commit the competence of the specialists from SEOMAX, their individual approach and the flexibility of solving custom situations during the project.

The team is really professional and we already know who to look up to for our future projects!

Сватбен комплекс Garden Wedding

With this reference we would like to express our impression from the partnership with Internet Media Group.
We found Internet Media Group when we needed to design a new website.

When we started working together, we were impressed with the focus of the specialists on our business aims. The team of Internet Media Group works professional and is always ready to help us with our ideas and also to support it after the project.

They made our website unique so we decided that Internet Media Group will be our further partner for our Garden center. They give us recommendations how to improve our communication with the future clients all the time.

A lot of our clients give their admirations for how effective our website design is which we are thankful about!

Bulgarian Peanuts

We chose Digital agency SEOMAX when we decided to design a website. They were recommended by our contragent. The website is amazing – working, practical and modern.

Our clients increased faster. They helped us with the design of our online store which is working successfully. Anytime we need help with our website support, they help us with incredible professionalism.

Our online marketing is provided by Digital agency SEOMAX and we hope that our business will become international.

We have already recommended SEOMAX to our partners, clients and friends. Their professionalism and creative young specialists made SEOMAX agency a popular and reliable partner for every ambitious business.

HERA Wedding Agency

We chose Digital agency SEOMAX because of a lot of recommendations from our partners. They helped us in our website support and our advertising in Google and Facebook.

Since they have started optimizing our website, we are sure that the clients can find us easily. The agency came up with a lot of ideas for website optimization.
The agency is taking control of our Google advertising and is making our baners and articles so that we are at the top of the search engines.

We would like to express our satisfaction from our partnership and highly recommend Digital agency SEOMAX as a reliable partner for your business growth.