Digital Consulting

You want to attract more customers? You want ads that can give results? You want people to find your business exactly when they are looking for what you offer?

You want to quickly get familiar with the fine details of digital marketing? You want to manage your business on the Internet by yourself but you do not have the experience needed for all this?

You are at the exactly right place at the right time.

If you think you are fit for even one of these positions, you can bravely contact us. Our experts will help you achieve all this in the shortest possible time.

Each consultation implies solving issues on your site. If you find yourself unable to  solve such issues, our experts will do it for you (payment as agreed).

Benefits of the expert consultations

Your site will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This way your business will be available all the time.

Maintenance of a website is considerably cheaper and more accessible than the office maintenance. It can be done by one person and it does not need a whole team.

Every serious and growing company needs a good and functioning website. This way, it creates customers‘confidence that this is a reliable and quality company.

Through a website you can maintain active communication with many clients without the need to have a call center or a larger team.

Your website is accessible to people around the world, enabling your business to become international.



    Our goal is to provide a website that in the future will be able to attract more customers for your business.

    We want you to participate actively in the project and we strive to maintain a constant connection.

    Our team has been designing websites since 2007. We have extensive experience with the most popular platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, and many more.

    We will do everything possible to understand how your business works, we will learn what is necessary about your products and services, we will use just the right tricks and techniques to attract customers.

Expert consultations and Online marketing trainings

We will learn everything about your project and will give you the best recommendations for your successful business!

You describe us what is the situation with your website, we arrange a day and time for skype conversation. Before this we learn everything about your website, its competitors and their methods of work at least an hour.

We take notes and write all our ideas about your website. Actually, you receive not only an hour of our time but more. After our consultation we send you our ideas in Word file and audio record in mp3 format.

In two weeks we learn everything about your website and the websites of your competitors. We will show you what need to be changed in your website to be like the leading competitors and to be optimized and positioned on the top.

We emphasize the disclosure of the website's internal potential, troubleshooting technical problems, competent internal optimization and the establishment of quality permanent links.

We determine the optimal direction for further development of your site and develop a strategy for its promotion, allowing you to save time and finances. We make the recommendations as detailed and comprehensible as possible and the text contains many pictures for visuals.

We also show you how much and what external links the competitors have, what methods they use for promoting.

We describe in detail the most effective ways to increase targeted traffic and inbound links to your website and tracking competitors’ activity. We also describe our algorithm for writing effective texts to attract visitors to the website. In general, we write everything that can be done to promote your website.

From the day you receive the recommendation, your 14-day consultation period (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) will begin, during which we will respond to all issues that have arisen. 14 days of answering to your questions by email including a total of 4 hours of our time.

If necessary, we can transfer or divide the answers to the questions at a convenient time for you. Recommendations for 2 weeks are provided by an e-mail communication, not skype. Compiling the recommendation will take 10-15 days.

You get detailed guidelines for promoting your website as well as tables with external links to your website and the one to the competitor.

A month consultation involves everything from the two-week consultation and also:

This type of consultation involves not 14 but 30 days in which we will answer to all of your questions. During this time, it will be possible to monitor the dynamics of attendance and make the necessary adjustments to maximize the impact.

The 30-day answer questions include a total of 8 hours of our e-mail response time.

We learn everything about not one but two competitors' websites and their working methods. This allows you to understand more about how the leading websites in your category are being promoted.

If necessary, we can transfer or divide the answers to the questions at a convenient time for you.

One month's recommendation is to communicate by email, not skype. Compiling the recommendation will take 20-30 days.

Other our services

E-Commerce Website Design

Go to one of the most profitable markets at the moment - online marketing. We will help you open your online store.

The SEOMAX Effect - program to increase online sales

Your advertising budget and digital presence are managed by a professional. In constant contact with you.

Websites Support

Same as cars, websites need constant maintenance to work for your business and generate revenues.

Social Media Marketing

Our experts can help you build an online marketing strategy and image of your brand.

Email Marketing

Reach thousands of businesses and users simultaneously. Email marketing gives quick results.

SEO Service

Reach customers at the moment they're searching for your products and services. Our specialists will develop a strategy to push you ahead in the search engines.


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