Graphic Design

The design of your advertisements is the first impression of the potential client from your brand.

The bad design repels people. It makes them to throw away your brochure even without reading the title.

But this is not the main problem. It is more important that the bad design make the potential clients perceive your business as amateur. Of course, this undermines the authority and directly affects sales.

A good design build trust in your brand.

What Graphic design can offer you is!

Working or processing a logo for building or renovating your corporate identity.

We make catalogs, brochures, posters, flyers and other promotional materials to advertise your business.

Design of billboards, branding of cars, buses and trucks, branding showcases and design of billboards and signs.

Production of offset printing, hot stamping, pad printing, screen printing or thermal printing.

Why to work with us?

  • Your image

    We will try to create a design that makes a good impression to the potential clients.
  • Attention to your business

    We would like to know what are you gaiming at with advertising in order to help you.
  • Consultations

    We will make a careful assessment of your website and will recommend steps to push it ahead in the search engines.
  • Experience

    Our team has been doing SEO services since 2007. We've helped dozens of brands to raise awareness.

If the design is crafted, it's likely that the products and services you offer are also with good quality.
That's why it's important not only to have promotional materials, but they to be crafted.

Graphic Design for Web and prepress

Take a look at all kinds of graphic design services that we can do for you:


  • Banner for a site
  • Banner for social networking
  • Social Network Banner Package 3
  • GIF image for Facebook
  • Tyfez on pictures
  • Presentation
  • Interactive Pdf
  • Greeting cards
  • Design for T-shirts
  • Animated site banner
  • Retouch a photo
  • Photo manipulation
  • Gif animations.
  • Slider banners
  • Icons and favicons
  • Web design
  • Mobile Application Design
  • Table, chart, statistics graph


  • Logo
  • Vectoring of a logo
  • Magazine Advertising Page
  • Ad slot
  • Business card
  • Pocketbook
  • Multi-lingual calendar
  • Roll banner
  • Book Cover
  • Wide Format Vinyl / Billboard /
  • Vector map of city or village
  • Vector map with location tag
  • Plate / banner
  • Restaurant menu
  • Collage of images
  • CD cover
  • Diploma / Certificate
  • Company letterhead


  • A6 unilateral
  • A6 duplex
  • A5 one-sided
  • A5 double sided
  • A4 single sided
  • A4 duplex


  • A5 with one fold
  • A5 with two folds
  • A4 with one fold
  • A4 with two folds


  • А3
  • А2
  • А1

Other our services

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If you want us to design a website for you, you can send us your question or you can contact us